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Our organization, the Lao Global Heritage Alliance (LGHA), is continuing our fundraising campaign to fight against corruption and impunity to win the Wat Lao Buddhavong (temple) back into the hands of the Lao community. There are recriminations of misuse of temple funds by the current Board of Directors (BOD), mismanagement, embezzlement, neglect of the temple property, oppression of worshippers, and a lack of transparency. Parts of the millions of dollars of community’s donations worldwide purportedly went to personal use by the Board of Directors. When the community sought answers, it was met with (1) acts of silence, (2) no trespass orders issued to over 20 individuals, and (5) frivolous legal charges filed against community members as a form of intimidation, all of which were either dismissed or not filed by the District Attorney.

While LGHA is evaluating appropriate offensive strategies, the organization is also leading the efforts to defend the $5.45 million frivolous litigation against the seven (7) community long-time supporting members for speaking out about WLB’s financial improprieties, and requesting an open and fair election of a new Board of Directors.

With these funds from your donation, LGHA will be able to continue to support the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia (DMV) Lao communities with the “Project Rescue” effort.  Project Rescue’s primary purpose is to regain Wat Lao Buddhavong back for the community. The Lao communities throughout the world are planning to come together to rally in Virginia to stand up against corruption, oppression, and intimidation. This rally is calling for: (1) transparency and accountability, (2) religious rights, and (3) fair elections. These are core values that all of us deeply believe in.

We are reaching out to all Laotians around the world for your support and to stand up for justice in the fight to regain our iconic temple back from the corrupt Board of Directors.  Wat Lao Buddhavong was the first and the largest temple for us Laotians since we found our new home in the U.S.

We are very grateful to everyone who reached out to us and have donated in the past during our fight!  It lifted our spirits and made us feel so much stronger to be supported by so many.


Your donation will help cover the cost of: (1) rally supplies, transportation/buses for the elders, permits, police guards, media, water, snacks and other anticipated expenses, (2) media production and printing costs, and (3) a Legal Defense Fund to fight against the $5.45M lawsuit.

As part of our management process, LGHA will provide expense reports from the rally and Project Rescue on LGHA website and will be available upon request. The projected cost of the rally is $16,500. The projected budget to challenge the $5.45M lawsuit is $33.5K, or 67 billable attorney hours (time and material) to file a motion to dismiss the case. If LGHA cannot get the lawsuit dismissed, it may drag on for months or years, in which case it will cost much more. The fundraising goal of $50,000 is based on anticipated near-term financial need.  It will truly take a village to meet our fundraising goal, and we cannot do it without your support.


We are a people with an amazing culture. Our religion, tradition, customs, heritage, and beliefs have taught us to be peaceful, honest, loving, and compassionate. Our temple is a sacred place where we all gather in devotion and worship. For many years, our temple members have requested financial transparency and bank records from the Wat Lao Buddhavong’s Board of Directors and have been ignored.  It is the right of the members to have transparency, honesty, and openness, but instead members have been bullied and intimidated in many ways.

Thanks to all our donors for your generous donations.  We are BLESSED to have your support. We could not do this without the outpouring of support from families in the local communities and our friends from around the world. Help return our once-thriving Wat Lao Buddhavong temple to the community.  Show your Lao PRIDE! We are counting on you!

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” ~ Winston Churchill

ABOUT US – Our Mission and Goals:

The Lao Global Heritage Alliance (LGHA) is a 501(C)(3) charitable organization with the mission to preserve Lao tradition, culture, and heritage, as well as to advocate Buddhism. LGHA is also awarded the 2020 Gold Seal of Transparency on GuideStar. LGHA has a responsibility as a public trust to take all appropriate actions to achieve our goals, including but not limited to helping prevent and combat corrupt activities in non-profit 501 (C)(3) charitable organizations, specifically the Wat Lao Buddhavong (WLB) in Virginia (our current project). LGHA has spent the last eight months fighting aggressively to demand transparency and accountability and openly fair elections, but never without hope and support from Lao communities throughout the world.