Defrock Tainted Monk: Community Survey

The elders from Lao Virginia Community are currently working with the Lao Buddhist Monk Association to take appropriate actions to defrock (or disrobe) Achan Phonexay Mingsisouphanh (also known as Chandaphone), a senior monk at Wat Lao Buddhavong, for violating the second rule of the “Parajikas” precepts, which require expulsion from the monkhood.

Also, Achan Chandaphone allegedly has been violated two other Parajikas to include: (1) engaged in sexual intercourse with underaged boy and other men, and (2) lied to several Lao community members by collecting money for Stupas but never delivered as promised.

Are you supporting the defrocking Achan Chandaphone and expel him from the monkhood?

Please take few minutes to complete the survey below: